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JCW’s The Burger Boys: Increasing Drive-Thru Revenue 30 Percent

Restaurant workers process orders and payments via iPads while cars wait in the drive-thru. By the time the car reaches the drive-thru window, the order is ready. The system has worked so well at increasing the volume of cars through the drive thru, JCW’s has experienced a 30 percent increase in drive-thru revenue without impacting in-store sales.

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Crazy Jim’s: Increasing Customer Satisfaction

“I feel like we can give better customer service because of MobileBytes,” says Aguirre. “We use online ordering so we no longer have employees tied up on the phones. We use iPads to do table side ordering and payment, so our servers no longer have to wait to input orders or run payments at the wired station. MobileBytes has significantly cut down the time it takes us to do our jobs.”

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MobileBytes API

MobileBytes is proud to be officially releasing our Universal POS Application Programming Interface (API) to provide direct data access for third party integrators.

We collect, store, and process large volumes of POS data everyday. We use this data to provide valuable business intelligence to ourselves, our resellers, and merchant customers. Data can also be used by third party companies to enhance business operations for many of our merchants.

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